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Mail Order Marijuana Services Reviews

Welcome to the Mail Order Marijuana Reviews website. A website that provides information and mail order marijuana reviews to marijuana users who wish to purchase their marijuana from an online Mail Order Marijuana service.

Purchasing your marijuana from a Mail Order Marijuana service can be a safe and good experience if you choose a legitimate source. There are a few trusted Mail Order Marijuana services among a seemingly never-ending list of scammers and that's where this resource comes in.The Mail Order Marijuana Reviews provides a comprehensive list of known scammers, active or dead. Also available are sites that are not definitively verified as scammers, and a few acronyms of those that are generally considered safe to use.

I urge any users of this site to help participate in any way they can.
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03 . 08 . 12 Update

Got lots of updates to announce.

    ~ is fully functional and accepting BTC / LR donations.
    ~  Added 3 new Mail Order Marijuana Sites: , ,
    ~  Added 3 new TOR Mail Order Marijuana Sites: King Khronik , High Supplies , El Barto
    ~  Wrote some reviews for TOR MoMs
    ~  Added 10 new Email Based Mail Order Marijuana Scams
    ~  Changed the way "legit services" section. Legit services are now only searchable.

02 . 20 . 12 Update

    ~ HUGE NEWS: I Have decided to take the chance with the MoM Pool idea. I have purchased the domain and hosting for 1 year. We will see how successful this will be..., we will call it a "Public BETA". The website is available right now ( but is not yet functional. I am in the process of getting things setup at the moment, but the site will feature SSL (https) and md5 encryption for sensitive data.

    ~ This site is now available through a .TK fowarder, so it can also be accessed through
    ~ Added 4 new mail order marijuana sites: , friendlyface , , mailorder420
    ~ Added 10 new mail order marijuana TOR sites. I am in the process of reviewing the TOR sites for a future update.

01 . 24 . 12 Update
    ~ Added 6 new mail order marijuana sites:
 , ,
 , ,

I have lots more e-mails , websites , and TOR sites just ready to be added, so keep checking back!

01 . 18 . 12 Update
    ~ Uploaded the email section, the list is small currently, but it's just getting it started!
        I have lots more to content to add to the site, like 8 more website and a lot more email addresses
        Keep checking back!

01 . 15 . 12 Update
    ~ Added 2 new mail order marijuana sites: ,
    ~  General Maintainence to the site

01 . 14 . 12 Update
    ~  New site design!
         In an effort to upload the new site ASAP I have left a few sections unfinished. They will be available very soon.

    ~  Added a new catagory TOR Network Sites
    ~  Added a new email addresses catagory
    ~  General Maintainence to the site

01 . 07 . 12 Update
    ~  Added 6 new sites: , , , , ,
    ~  Added a new catagory for dead Mail Order Marijuana sites
    ~  Added an FAQ section
    ~  General Maintainence to the site

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